Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The end of October and all of November were a blur of activity.

:: We celebrated Halloween with Waldo,a Minecraft dude,a greek goddess,an adorable panda, Harry  
  Potter and ET dressed as a ghost.
:: played with A LOT of pumpkins
:: received,as a surprise,some pre-decorated pumpkins. Zombies! My favorite.
:: celebrated my birthday with a visit at a knitting group, a yummy lunch and then visited some local yarn        
  stores we're I got to pick out some birthday yarn. All activites were enjoyed with the lovely Nancy.          
  Perfect,I tell you.
:: thanksgiving came and we feasted.
:: so many sniffles and coughs,several doctor visits and lots of resting with Little House on the Praire.

Then there was December. December was full.

:: family, and some more family
:: adopted cousins
:: sugar
:: a Nutcracker performance
:: Daddy home for two weeks!
:: presents
:: sugar
:: lots of Avatar
:: special nut bread
:: staying up late
:: sugar

Now we are all a bit grumpy. Daddy had to go back to work, the sugar rush has finally worn off and there is a lot of laundry to do.I am feeling the need for a little focus.

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