Friday, October 28, 2011


I have been attempting to focus on Nancy's wise words this week and to abide in Him, who makes everything possible. For the most part,things have gone smoothly. My sister called to ask about Thanksgiving and my chest tightened,palms went sweaty. There are two birthdays left (not counting mine), Thanksgiving, Christmas with all its activities and today, I have costumes to finish before the Fall Fest. And in midst of all that there is school that will need to be done, hungry bellies to fill,wounds (physical and emotional) to mend and my fearful heart to wrestle .
Yep,there is that tight feeling.

 I have found myself drawn to these images taken at my favorite fall/winter beach. I can hear the roar of the ocean hitting the rocks. It is deafening, in a way, that drowns out all my scrambled thoughts. I love the soothing nothingness that enters my brain, as I hunker down on a rock and stare at the line where the ocean meets the heavens. I love the feel of the coarse, hot sand and the slimy, slick seaweed that covers everything.

I love how the calm overtakes my children. Until we reach the van at the end of the day and the arguing begins about who sits where, they are blessedly peaceful. There are no arguments,as they play in their own imaginary worlds. There are only cries of delight at new discoveries and urgings for Mom to get off her rock and see what they made. Sigh . . .

                           I know God is good, that Christ sits on His throne and rules over it all.
                                                                         All is grace.
                      BUT sometimes life gets to be a little too much and I get a little,well, twitchy.
                                                Guess where I am headed next week???

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