Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 Being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mama is quite hard and finding time to recharge is not always easy. Since March, I've had the privilege of coming to a studio to think and create. When my husband offered this time and space to me, I jumped at the idea. Then, I was able to invite a friend to join me and we shared the space. We came up with the idea to join forces and share with others our love of creating and Studio Time was born. 

The lease on our current studio is ending in December, but I want Studio Time to continue since it is such an amazing time for Eva and I to recharge and engage in something that we are both passionate about. So, my husband and I brainstormed options and came up with a pretty different idea.

 We live in a 2-story house that has 4 rooms upstairs. Two are used as bedrooms, one is used as my husband's home office and one was primarily not used. We are turning our downstairs open living room, dining room and kitchen area into The Studio. 

Part of the transformation is already complete, our original living room furniture is upstairs in the unused room which is now called the den, our dining table is now in the center of the living room, it is used daily as our main table for dining and will be used for classes as a work table. I purchased a used sofa and new rug and paired them with some furniture we had to create a comfortable spot in the living area for us and for students. That was one of the kids main requests, that we have a comfortable space to lounge downstairs. In the kitchen where we normally have our dining table, I've divided the space in half one side for me and one side for Eva. I have a work table for crafting, sewing and drawing and two storage racks with counter space for painting set-up.  

I am excited about having the studio in my home. The new possibilities that are opened up are exciting. We will be able to have larger classes, include children, offer babysitting and there is access to a kitchen for meals or cooking classes. Anyone know a chef ? 

For now, we will be pausing to regroup, plan for the new year and enjoy the holidays with our families. I will be sharing sneak peek photos of the "new" studio until then.
 HaPPy HOLidayS!

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