Welcome to Studio Time, a place to create, play and grow...

The Founders

Nancy Henry is a mother, seamstress, photographer and big dreamer. She is formally trained as an interior designer and has been dreaming of a life as a maker for sometime. Since becoming a mother and having 3 children, her love for design combined with the desire to create and make have flourished. Nancy started a blog in 2005, called Emerald Lane and has been using it as a tool to share her creations, new creative interests, and the everyday life and adventures with her children. Being able to design and make things helps her to be a better person and mom and she want to share that love with others.  

Eva Borko has been a maker her whole life. She finds sanity in making. Even more so, now that she has added to her list of creations six children. Eva is largely self-taught, with a giant nod to her mother for her seamstress skills. With a book, video or simply the object she wishes to recreate in hand, she is willing to tackle just about anything. Eva enjoys the process, more than the finished project in most creations. Her deepest desire of making is to create objects that help others look more closely at themselves and bring a little sanity to their worlds.