Tuesday, October 11, 2011

google docs

    Last week I was feeling very under the weather. I only made it into the studio  for two very unproductive hours. My body refused to cooperate with my brain, which was swimming with plans and schemes. What's a girl to do? I climbed into bed, gathering my knitting, sketchbook, resources and trusty clunker of a laptop. Then, between children crawling in next to me for help with school, a report on their sibilings' behavior or just for a snuggle, the Google documents began. 

A document for each thing rattling around in my brain. One for projects in progress, project ideas, classes, shows and all the details of what we will need to do to implement our goals. (Dreams really.) I ignored the growing piles around me, slept when my body called me to, let my family serve me and dreamed away.It really wasn't a bad way to spend the week.

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