Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new look:2


      As Nancy mentioned before, we have redone our space in preparation for our upcoming classes. It feels so wonderful to make it more "us". We are settling into our cozy space and finally feel like it is ours. I usually arrive first (as I come straight from dropping The Boy off at school) and no one is here. In much  the same way that the ocean roar creates a blissful "nothingness" in my brain, the roar of silence first thing at the studio calms me. The quiet routine of turning on lights, opening blinds and tidying up messes I may have left behind. Or to my delight finding Nancy has already tidied and then getting to smile to myself at who she is. I grab a water, a piece of gum and sit at my table to face my paper and pencil. I wrestle with lines and proportions until Nancy comes through the door. This is immediately followed by excited chatter. We fill each other in on our lives, things we have accomplished since we were last in our space and always the making of lists. Then we are off. Each to work independently but always coming back together for either a show-n-tell moment, to share something funny one of the kids said, or a follow-up on an idea. All too quickly its time to go. I gather stuff to take home, confirm plans made and head out into the rest of the day.

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  1. I love reading your posts! What a great description of our time together and apart. It's so fun to see what you have to say and glad you have nice things to say about me :)