Tuesday, October 18, 2011

horsey girls

       Two of my favorite girls in the whole,wide world have this thing for horses. Since they were both very small they have dreamt of owning a horse. The dreaming did not stop with just the ownership of a horse but they dreamt big. They wanted to be able to ride together and share in this whole horse ownership experience thing together. And it has finally happened. Both of these young ladies now have their very own horse AND are able to ride, muck, deworm, bathe, chase after and occasionally cry together.


      I am not much of a horse person. Its not the smell or the dirt or the sweat. It all boils down to one word-FEAR. Horses scare me. They are ginormous. They are intelligent, too and can have a mind of their own. These girls are brave. They asked their moms to come take pictures of them together-two friends and their horses. As I watched them, I was struck with awe. These girls are really brave. They handled those giant beasts as if it was nothing. And when a horse is spooked, they take it in stride. They do what needs to be done.When the adrenaline rush wears off they laugh with tears in their eyes and call their horses silly names. They get back on and keep going. These girls are really, really brave.

     As I stood there snapping away, I just whispered a quiet prayer, that when life was hard they would remember how tough they really are. I prayed they would always dream big and love with such open hearts. They inspire me. I am privileged. 

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