Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 Fall is finally in the air and that means a changing of our seasonal banner. I saw this idea in a lovely magazine somewhere and can't remember its exact name, so thank you lovely magazine, wherever you are.  It is simple but satisfying.

 And one of my favorite things has a starring role-PAINT CHIPS! I love all the colors, the possibilities these little cards hold and the names. My girls and I always debate about whether we actually like a certain color or just love it's name. A little like lipstick or fingernail polish. The colors in this banner were chosen by my daughter . I enjoyed her process of choosing fall colors.

Fall at our house also means school outside. Everyone cheered, gathered blankets, books and pencils and hunted for a spot. I haven't decided if we actually get much done on these days. The distractions from pesky puppies, the swing and trees that really want to be photographed make it rough to focus on those math problems. *wink,wink*

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