Tuesday, October 25, 2011


               I have always loved to draw. Art class, with all of its colors, smells and textures, appealed to me. Mrs.Dickinson was my elementary school teacher. She was encouraging and elegant with her up-swept hairdo. Then junior high hit,with its dreaded electives. There wasn't quite room in my schedule and I didn't consider myself "good enough" to justify turning my schedule upside for an art class. (Which seems so bizarre now. You take a class to learn and improve,right? Not like I had to be at a certain level to take Jr.high art class!)
             Over the years, I became convinced I had no ability and resigned myself to stick figures. Along came my children and the crazy adventure of homeschooling. I wanted them to be able to draw. It has never been a goal that they become great masters. I do believe the ability to sketch a story, to entertain an impatient child,  illustrate a science model or quickly record something they want to remember, is important and doable. I also decided along the way that I would give drawing a second chance. Maybe,my junior high self didn't have a clue.(Yeah, she wasn't an authority on much of anything.)
             My goals in the area of drawing have changed through the years and so has my level of enthusiasm. At the present moment, I am committed to drawing for the first 30 minutes I am in the studio. Some days,like today, those 30 minutes fly by and other days I wonder if sharpening my pencils (all of them!) can be counted as part of my time. I have never had a proper lesson and turn to books for my instruction. My favorite three are Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy by Chris Hart and any book by Barry Stebbing. Later, this week I'll post about why I like each of them and include a list of other resources I have enjoyed using. What are you waiting for? Grab a pencil and give it a go.

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  1. Nice post Eva! I love reading your thoughts here. I too never thought I was good enough at art in school. I'm glad you are motivated to teach yourself.