Saturday, September 17, 2011

studio tour

Welcome to Studio Time. 

My name is Nancy and my partner in crime is Eva. You can read more about us here

Since February of 2011, Eva and I have been coming to this space to create, learn new techniques and play. We have come up with our own motto that defines what we do during Studio Time -
create, play, grow.  

We love to learn and create new things. We love to play with new materials. Through those two things we grow in our creative skills and as people.

Here is a little tour of our space: 

We hope to offer classes here some day, but for now we are going to work our little tushes off to make things to sell. We plan on sharing our work, some inspiring links and a peek into our projects at home as well in this space. I hope you come back often and share with us your passions and interests.

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