Friday, September 30, 2011

dear joan

      I enjoy imagining what kind of words historical, literary or biblical characters would speak into my life if I asked them for advice. I like to imagine their facial features and tone of voice, as they speak wise words to me from the past or out of the place characters (like Anne, Ma, Ender;etc) dwell. As I was thinking of and praying for three very brave people who all  found themselves at a new turn in the road, I began to wonder what words  Joan of Arc might say to them. What if THE Joan of Arc had an advice column, like Ann Lander? What if my friends asked for one word each from her? What words would Joan give them?  As I imagined and layered and pieced  together these two little humble offerings for them, I couldn't help but marvel at how wise Joan really is.

Joan: brave, strong, beautiful, frightening

I created Joan using  an image-transfer technique I learned in the book painted pages. It is extremely simple and uses humble clear contact paper. I found the process addictive. It uses a photocopy of your picture, not the original, so you can make zillions! 

            I wanted them to have to strain to see the words of Joan. I might have done too well a job. :) 

Defy: your fears, your own self-imposed limits, the things deemed impossible by those around you, and the standard, wimpy, wilted thing people call love and be bold, loving recklessly

Broken: remain here, in the knowledge of your faults, the great lack that is, well simply you, here you can see the face of God, here you will need Him and want Him-more than any other place

Freedom: in her chains, she will tell you she was free and you too must learn to recognize true freedom, throwing your arms wide, laugh, giggle, shout aloud, you are free

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