Thursday, November 10, 2011


color inspiration

I'm taking another painting course online with Mati + Lisa. I talked about it last week.

I have my painting supplies set up at home in the kitchen because it  has great light and it works better for me to work there that at the studio.

I love having it all right there when I walk by.  I am constantly reminded that I am painting and creating art. An artist in the making? We'll see.

color inspiration

So far my process has been to collect inspiration for my paintings, select my color palette and record it.
  • I printed out my inspiration and taped it up by my painting area, then I discovered a color palette based on my inspiration photos.
  • I went to the store and selected paint chips based on my selected color palette. This way I have something to try and match when mixing my paints.
  • I also made a color notebook to keep track of colors I love. I covered it with a sample painting I did when I was trying to see if I could mix the colors I wanted.
Mixing colors is fun and frustrating at the same time. I enjoy it and find it a fun challenge. It is tricky, but cool when I get it right!

color inspiration

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